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Vourvourou Chalkidiki

A brief overview of the village

Vourvourou is a seaside village located in Sithonia, Chalkidiki.

The area is known for producing oil, honey and tsipouro. Ideal for fishing as well!

Another location in Sithonia that attracts more tourists every year, due to its natural beauties. Crystal clear waters and sands. 

The teaching staff of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki has developed a holiday resort, known for its environment-friendly design and respect for the natural surroundings.
The distance from Thessaloniki is around 114 kilometres.

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Sofia's Beachfront House

An amazing beachfront house two steps away from the beach that offers calmness, quietness and total privacy.
The house has a large garden with a magnificent view of Diaporos Island, with crystal clear waters and beach. There's a small dock also in front of the house for boat owners, a BBQ and a private parking inside of the property. Unlike similar properties in the area, what makes this property unique, is that it is private and you do not get to share the garden and yard with anyone else. The house is not situated in a complex of other houses, or apartments, but it stands alone and is fenced all over with wood panels, providing total privacy to our guests. Also, there is direct access to the beach by a stone ladder, just a few steps from the garden.

The style of the house is traditionally serene and highly functional, providing all the necessary amenities for individual guests and families as well. 

The nearest grocery store is at only 300m.

Bus connection to and from Thessaloniki is 200m away.

The house was renovated in 2019.

For further information and reservations please contact us!

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