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Sithon Holidays – Covid-19


Pre arrival – Check-in – Check out

Hand disinfection: We encourage mandatory hand sanitation on arrival and will provide hand sanitiser.

Provision of PPE to guest on arrival: We will provide masks where required by local health guidelines, should guests not already have their own.

PPE for our Staff: Where stipulated by local health guidelines, colleagues will wear protective masks.

Social distancing: Our colleagues will maintain social distancing whilst checking in and checking out guests.

Sanitizing of equipment: Frequently touched areas will be disinfected regularly e.g. telephones, desks, door handles, etc.

Temperature check: All guests will receive a mandatory temperature check upon their arrival and in case someone has more than 98.6° for 37° C will be required to visit the local hospital.


Our housekeeping service will make sure to sanitize all the rooms before the arrival of the next guests.

Bed linen and towels: Our linen will be handled with extreme care to prevent raising dust and potential contamination; Used linen will be washed at a minimum of 70°C for at least 25 mins to kill potential pathogens.

In-room sanitation: Frequently touched areas will be disinfected regularly.

Ventilation: Each time a bedroom is serviced; we will ensure it is ventilated by opening window(s) - where applicable

Necessary documents

Upon arrival the guests will be required to present either a negative Covid PCR Test or a statement that they have went through a vaccination.

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