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Sithon Holidays

Sithon Holidays has been created in order to assist visitors and tourists to find their best place to stay in Sithonia area and spend their holidays the best and most affordable way.

We have assisted many people find their permanent or seasonal vacation dream home and now want to help others find  the best place to spend their holidays. We work mostly in the area of Sithonia and provide full support for both the toursits visiting the area and the independant business owners that we cooperate with. 
Whether you are propery or business owner we can offer you a full or partial managment support for your property and/or help you grow your local business.
Furthermore, Sithon Holidays team has noticed the intense interest of many tourists to gain an experience during their stay, therefore we decided to organize several meetings with locals who love their area and activities so that way they can transfer their knowledge and love for them. 

Sithon Holidays is subsidiary of Sithon Real estate office located in Sykia Chalkidiki.

Business advertisement

If you have one or several properties that you already do or would like to rent out we can provide you with a full range of property management services tailored to your needs. This service is especially created to help people advertise their local business. If you are a small or bigger business owner located in the area and want us to promote you on our website, please get in touch. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Sithon Real Estate

We welcome you to our Real Estate office located in Sykia Chalkidiki.

Are you interested in buying or selling a property?

For further information visit our website. 

Meet the Team

Despoina Dristari

Owner & General Manager
Sithon Real Estate & Sithon Holidays

Sykia Chalkidiki
E-mail: |
Tel: +30 6907859220 Viber | Whatsapp

Doukissa Patriki

Secretarial Support
Sithon Real Estate
Sykia Chalkidiki
Tel: + 30 6974623791

Marianna Douva

Admin & Accommodation & Check In

Sithon Holidays

Sarti | Sykia Chalkidiki


Tel: +30 6906624585 Viber | Whatsapp

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